me and armer poet

Hello. This is me. Twohundred years ago. Today I’m living in a similar flat. In a kabuff. This means a tiny (very tiny) room. I have 19 m². With one window. Ok – there is a second one in the kitchen. But it’s not a „kitchen“, it’s a kabuff kitchen. Very, very tiny. With a very, very tiny second window. And a tiny fridge.

In this kabuff I do my work and my passion: time travellings by mind e.g. There I actually write my main kabuff project, my dissertation – like the „poor poet“ painted by Carl Spitzweg. With my laptop on my knees. And with lots of books around me. Lots.

A production in a kabuff. A kabuffproduktion. These produktions (yes, with k) are: StreetArt, travel experiences, and some texts once in a while. I have an „official“ website with a scientific blog ready for my job as a musicologist. But here you can find some other and a bit more private stuff about me, my life, and the sound in me.